1. Why should my child study music at an early age ?

Ans: An early exposure to music in life helps children develop social skills and build confidence. Children enjoy learning with friends and can benefit from each other's progress through lessons and classes.

2. Why study at HMSIK rather than a private teacher at home ?

Ans: In school environment, students have access to qualified faculty and exposure to students at all level. Students have the oppertunity to attend and perform at professional quality recitals. By having lessons at our school their are no distractions, so we can provide 100% individual attention to our students.

3. Where do i begin ?

Ans: Our flexible music lessons programs are designed for you ; each student is unique and we will strive to meet your individual needs. Register using our online registration form or call us and we will be happy to guide you through the enrollment process.

4. What is the teaching schedule ?

Ans: We operate year round and off on only govt. holidays. So you can start anytime.

5. What teaching methods are used ?

Ans: A flexible curricculam using diverse set of approaches, tailored for each individual student by traditional methods.

6. What styles of music can i learn ?

Ans: Carnatic Classical Vocal : Hindusthani Classical Vocal : Rabindrasnageet : Nazrulgeeti : Ghazal : Bhajan : folk songs etc.

7. I am an adult/senior citizen - Can i take lessons at your school ?

Ans: Yes , Our program is designed to help adult/ senior citizens to start any music classes.